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Fumigation Liquid

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Fumigation and Mopping Liquid

Hydrogen Peroxide-silver nitrate complex for environment; surface disinfection
Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial
Environment Sterilization
Revolutionary Aerial, Surface Disinfectant

  • Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial

  • Effective against Bacteria, Virus, Spores, Fungi, Protozoa, Mycobacteria, Bacteriophages and Biofilms. Effectively acts against.

  • Gram + ve, Gram-ve Bacteria, MRSA,VRE, Viruses- both enveloped, non-enveloped, HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Polio/Influenza A virus, Spores Bacillus-Species (as Bacillus Anthracis, Anthrax),Fungi, yeasts and mould, Amoeba, protozoa.

Complex of stabilized hydrogen peroxide 11% w/v
Silver Nitrate 0.01 w/v

  • 20 % diluted solution for 1000cu ft. area 200 ml Envishield + 800 ml water.

  • 10 % diluted solution in direct contact 100 ml Envishield + 900 ml water 60 min for fumigation

Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and the product information before use.

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