Surface disinfectant & medical devices disinfectant

Potassium Peroxomonosulphate 50% w/w

Pack Sizes

Available in 1Kg/5Kg

Brief Information
• Concentrated powder form surface disinfectant & medical devices disinfectant.
• For both cleaning and disinfection.
• Acts by nonspecific oxidation of organic matter. Development of immunity is difficult because of nonspecific action.
• Very much effective in presence of organic matter, blood, puss etc
• Odourless, compatible with all surfaces.
• Broad spectrum disinfectant. Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal,
• Effective against Enveloped & Non-envloped viruses.
• Aldehyde free, environment friendly, easily biodegradable.
• Prepare 1 % solution, which is pink in colour.
• Stir for 10 minutes till complete dissolution takes place.
• Allow a contact time of 10 minutes, then wipe surface.
• For mycobacterium contamination prepare 3 % solution and contact time should be 15- 20 minutes .
• Prepared solution is stable for a week. It has mild vinegar like odour.
• Product expiry- 3 years.
• Low dusting powder.
• Surface disinfection regularly as well as in outbreaks, when increased efficiency is required. Peracetic acid generated insitu in acidic solution.

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